Safe Clients

We partner with our customers to promote worker safety. Our customers and employees must understand that safety is our priority.

Safe Workers

Likewise, our workers are held to extremely high standards when it comes to safety. We strive to prepare everyone for safe work – through proper training, attire, equipment, briefings, and weekly, monthly, and quarterly incentives. Our motto for our workers is, “If it’s not safe, DON’T DO IT.”

Insurance Coverage

Staff Zone maintains an outstanding, full complement of insurance coverage.

Commitment to Safety

Staff Zone’s primary focus is on safety. We have many programs in place to reiterate this company culture. These programs are put into place to protect all parties involved. When an accident happens, no one wins.

At Staff Zone, we have a safety motto that every worker learns….If it’s not safe, DON’T DO IT! We even have a jingle that is played in the branches to reiterate this message with our workers.

Management & Programs