Safety Management & Programs

The following programs practiced at Staff Zone, reinforce our commitment to safety, and we appreciate your partnership in our efforts. All of these programs benefit our clients and our workers.

Face-to-Face Dispatch

Staff Zone insists on face-to-face dispatch. We have always used this model and will continue to do so. Before we send a worker to your site, we need to see him/her and be satisfied that he/she is physically able to perform the tasks that are being asked of them. This is for your assurance as well as the safety of our workers.

Safety Orientations

Each Staff Zone employee receives a fundamental safety orientation, which is documented. We cover thoroughly our company safety commitment, the employee’s responsibilities, and general safety rules.

Safety Briefings

To reinforce the importance of safety awareness for our work force, we have a comprehensive video that plays in the branch each morning during the dispatch process.

Safety De-Briefings

At the end of each day, when our workers return to the branch to be paid, our educated staff talks to them about their day, the work they performed, the job site, and asks if they had or have any concerns for their safety.

Safety Communications

In addition to regular safety communications and meetings, we provide specific follow-up safety instruction as needed in targeted situations. We also offer frequent safety reminders in our routine dialogue and numerous office postings and reminders.

Safety Equipment

Employees are properly outfitted for your job. Basic safety equipment supplied includes hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves. Additional protective gear, like steel-toed boots and earplugs, can also be provided as needed up request.

Safety Instruction – Tailored to You

Staff Zone works with each of our clients to manage specific safety instructions designed for your needs. We also make sure that each worker we supply is qualified to work the job effectively and safely. In addition, if you are having a safety training before the day starts, we will be sure our worker is there on time.

Safety Visits

Staff Zone continues to follow up with safety and accident prevention by playing a role at your job site. We make regular on-site visits to ensure our dispatched employees are working hard and working safe. If you have your own safety meetings or other positive promotions, we’re happy to take part in those, too, by bringing safety materials, rewards, and refreshments.

Safety Incentives

To help emphasize the importance of safety at Staff Zone, we hold weekly safety raffles for our safe workers, with prizes and gift cards. We also hold safety celebrations in each branch if they attained the safety goals of that branch. This is a great time for the workers and our staff to mingle and for us to let them know we care about their wellbeing.

Safe Client Program

We like to let our clients know how much we appreciate them providing a safe work environment for our workers. Our staff is proud to recognize the companies and company representatives with a Safety Award Certificate.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Staff Zone has ZERO tolerance policy when it comes to drug or alcohol use in the workplace. This is one of the many reasons we insist on face-to-face dispatch. We want to see the worker we are sending to you to be sure they are able and ready to effectively meet your needs. Pre-assignment drug tests can be conducted upon request. We also test for any reasonable suspicion or following any involvement in an accident.

Insurance Coverage