Our Support Center
With locations all over the United States, it is important that the branches have capable support. Meet our talented Support Team, consisting of many roles and positions. Each person is an expert in what they do and provide daily support to the branches and the overall success of Staff Zone.

Robyn Anderson

Credit and Collections Specialist

Robyn Anderson started with Staff Zone in our Augusta branch in 2015. She moved to the corporate office in 2017 as a Credit & Collections Specialist. Robyn works with our Director of Credit & Collections to assist our branch personnel with credit policies and procedures, as well as making contact with clients to verify information.

Shuriah Bledsoe

Business Development Manager

Shuriah has worked in the staffing and recruitment industry for over 10 years with specific focus on services to individuals with barriers to employment.  Her aptitude in the industry allows her the opportunity to clearly understand the dynamics of our valued cultural workforce.   additionally, her experience in developing operational partnerships will allow her to collaborate with organizations throughout the US to create unique opportunities and recruitment strategies, optimizing the work experience for workers in our communities.

Candice Bizzell

Human Resources Assistant

Candice started with Staff Zone in August 2018. Before joining Staff Zone, Candice held various Administrative Assistant roles within the hospitality industry in Charleston, South Carolina. Candice provides administrative support to the HR department including unemployment, wage verification, WOTC program and various other tasks assisting the Director of Human Resources.

Brandi Cornwell

Credit and Collections Specialist

Brandi joined Staff Zone in 2021 with over seven years of accounts receivable experience. She works with our Director of Credit & Collections to assist our branch personnel with credit policies and collection procedures. Brandi also consistently fosters customer relations to insure proper billing.

Morgan Drakes


Morgan was brought into Staff Zone in the fall of 2023 to assist with our ever evolving recruiting efforts for our growing company.  As a General Manager in the restaurant industry, Morgan has strong interpersonal skills that are effective in recruiting.

Sid Fields, Jr.

Quality Control Specialist

Sid joined Staff Zone in our Support Center in early 2022.  His 7 years of experience in various areas involving reporting and data management and compliance makes Sid a perfect fit for this position.  His attention to detail is critical, making him a great asset to our team assisting our branch personnel with proper invoice management in our Quality Assurance Department.

Allie Fowler

Regional Sales Specialist

Allie began with Staff Zone in 2016 as a Sales Manager in Austin, Texas.  Allie was a huge part of our turnaround in Austin and making it one of our company’s most consistent top 10 performing branches.  In the fall of 2022, Allie was promoted to Regional Sales Specialist, which includes the responsibility of training and mentoring other Sales Managers throughout the company.

Tami Godfrey

Payroll Administrator

Tami joined the Staff Zone team in 2015. As our Payroll Administrator, Tami is responsible for numerous functions of the company including payroll, inventory, ordering, and records management.

Brooke Harris

Corporate Coordinator

Brooke joined Staff Zone full time in the fall of 2022, having spent many summers interning with the company.  She currently handles support center organizational tasks and assists the department heads with various duties, including E-Verify, Certified Payroll, and branch documentation compliance.

Seth Harris

Internal Controller

Having acquired his Masters in Accounting, Seth joined Staff Zone in 2020. He brings a fresh and focused perspective to our finance department. His attention to detail and keen mind allow him to dig deep into the financial status of the company, creating valuable reporting data for the management team which helps markets and regions continue to grow and thrive.

Ashley Lee

Credit and Collections Specialist

Ashley started with Staff Zone in 2019. Ashley works with our Director of Credit & Collections to assist our branch personnel with credit policies and procedures, as well as making contact with clients to verify information. Ashley has experience in Credit and Collections dating back to 2002, as well as experience in the customer service industry.

Haley Ludwig

Regional Sales Specialist

2020 brought Haley back to our Staff Zone family after a brief absence. Haley’s industry experience, work ethic, and passion for sales, both individually and while mentoring others, epitomizes what makes us Best in Class ®. Haley has relocated to Nashville to bring her skills to that market.

Madison Martin


Madison began her career with Staff Zone in May 2022.  She joins our Human Resource team as a Recruiter, assisting in filling full time positions within the company.  Her organizational skills and customer service experience make her an asset to our entire HR department.

Drew Nichols

Fleet Manager

Drew started his position with Staff Zone in early 2022.  His previous 5 years of experience in operations and management has serve him well in his current role with Staff Zone.  Organizational and logistical skills make him a perfect fit for his position overseeing our company fleet of over 100 15 passenger vans as well as Jeeps and Rams for our field staff.  Drew travels to the branches but our Support Center is his home base.

Roselee Sutker

Claims Manager

Roselee joined the Staff Zone team in November 2016. As a valued member of our Risk Management team, Roselee works closely with our Director of Risk Management, Director of Safety, General Managers of Safety and anyone involved in an incident.  She is responsible for assisting in safety management, accident claims management, company insurance, and company safety promotions.

Evan Soloff

Multi Media Specialist

Evan has been an invaluable asset to Staff Zone in producing numerous video projects and photographs for the last decade through his company, Visceral Visuals. In 2020, Evan came on board full time as he continues to work on various projects.

Erika Thomas

Curriculum Coordinator

Erika came on board in spring 2022, bringing her extensive organizational skills and ability to manage people.  Erika oversees our comprehensive onboarding curriculum and Staff Zone University, ensuring that new and existing Staff Zone employees are fully educated and trained to adequately service our customers.

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