Our Management Team
With over 100 years of staffing experience, ALL with Staff Zone, our stellar Management Team are staffing professionals and experts in their individual duties and responsibilities and are critical to Staff Zone’s success. We invite you to get to know them better.

Brionne Black

General Manager

Brionne came on board Staff Zone in 2019 and made an immediate impact with her leadership and management skills. Brionne has over a decade of experience in the blue-collar staffing industry and is the prototypical “lead by example” Zoner. Brionne is responsible for two of our foundation markets – Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN.

Haley Ludwig

General Manager of Sales

2020 brought Haley back to our Staff Zone family after a brief absence. Haley’s industry experience, work ethic, and passion for sales, both individually and while mentoring others, epitomizes what makes us Best in Class ®. In her role, Haley travels to numerous markets but she will always call Central Florida her home branches.

Kevin Britt

Area Manager

In 2021 Kevin started as an Office Manager in our Orlando branch.  Exhibiting a vast knowledge of the industry, Kevin transitioned to our Field Service Manager position, visiting job sites to ensure our Best-in-Class practices were being honored.  After almost a full year in that position, Kevin’s leadership abilities earned him a promotion to an Area Manager in Central Florida, where he works with him teams on overall best-practices.

John Cabanban

General Manager of Safety

John started at Staff Zone in 2014, as our Branch Manager in Richmond, VA. After much success in that market and with anticipation of expanding in that geographical area, John was promoted to General Manager in 2017. In 2020, his GM role expanded to being responsible for field operations training and job site safety.  As a GM of safety, John’s primary focus is overall safety in Staff Zone.

Ryan Chism

General Manager

Ryan started with Staff Zone in 2005 working in many roles and branches, including Branch Manager positions in Myrtle Beach, SC and Columbus, GA. Ryan helped build the Columbus market into a consistent top performer within the company, and was promoted to General Manager in 2016. In 2020, his GM role expanded to the risk management department and being responsible for company-wide job site safety.  In 2022, Ryan moved back to General Manager overseeing Columbus, GA; Birmingham, AL; and our two Atlanta, GA locations (East Point, Doraville).

Monica Castaneda

Area Manager

Monica came on board Staff Zone in 2020 as a Sales Manager in our Dallas branch.  She immediately shined with her passion and commitment of our mission of Constructing Lives™.    Less than two years later, she was promoted to Area Manager of our DFW region, overseeing our branches in Ft. Worth, Irving, and Plano.

Andrew Estes

General Manager of Safety

As a former Assets Protection Team Leader, Andrew joined Staff Zone in May 2022 as a General Manager of Safety.  His previous experience as an EMT and his service in the United States Army has given him unique skills to bring to his position with Staff Zone.

Amber Hesse

General Manager of Sales

Amber started with Staff Zone in April 2020 as a Sales Manager in our Norfolk Branch.  Starting her staffing career at the beginning of the pandemic was a challenge, but her strong work ethic and interpersonal communication skills kept her on track and focused.  Due to her consistent success, in July 2023, Amber was promoted to General Manager of Sales, so she can positively influence numerous sales managers reporting to her.

Brenda Hitz

General Manager of Sales

Brenda began in the staffing industry in 2002 as our Branch Manager in Columbus, Georgia. Brenda was promoted to Regional Sales in 2005 and held that position for five years, before being promoted again in 2011 to General Manager. With over 20 years of Staff Zone service, Brenda is now responsible for assisting with the training, development and honing of our sales programs in all branches.

Steven Jones

Area Manager

April, 2023, Steven joins Staff Zone as An Area Manager.  As a proven hands-on leader with both Game Stop and Chic Fil-A for many years, Steven is a valuable addition to our management teams.  His dedication and discipline gained as a Petty Officer First Class in the US Navy will serve him well at Staff Zone.  He decided to join Staff Zone to be a part of something more meaningful and to help Construct Lives.

Jennifer Langlois

General Manager

In August 2017, Jen was hired as a Sales Manager and was responsible for all field sales in our Jacksonville branch location.  In January 2022, Jennifer was promoted to Area Manager, which included the oversight of a second branch opening in our Jacksonville region.  Jen’s leadership abilities, including building strong, dedicated teams, led to a quick promotion to General Manager in January, 2023.  She is now responsible for our Jacksonville market, as well as our branch in Brunswick, Georgia.

Reggie Lowe

General Manager

After a decade of onsite construction management, Reggie started with Staff Zone in 2019 and made an immediate impact as Branch Manager in Huntsville.  A true problem solver, Reggie’s construction knowledge and passion to constructing lives made him a natural leader within our company.  Reggie was promoted to General Manager in 2020, and after a brief hiatus, remains in that role today overseeing branches in Memphis, and his home market of Huntsville.

Jamie Meadows

General Manager

In 2008, Jamie started with Staff Zone as our Branch Manager in Raleigh, North Carolina. Jamie opened up the Raleigh branch from scratch and quickly turned it into one of the company’s most consistent performers. Jamie was promoted to General Manager in 2014 and is now responsible for the total operations and sales for his entire market, which includes branches in Durham, NC; Raleigh, NC; Greensboro, NC; Charlotte, NC; Richmond, VA; and Norfolk, VA.

Christie Mims

General Manager of Sales

Christie, a 25-year veteran in the staffing industry, started with Staff Zone in February 2022 as a Sales Manager in Jacksonville.  Her extensive knowledge in the industry has made her an ideal addition to our mission of Constructing Lives™.   Being able to utilize Christie’s strengths in multiple markets made her promotion to General of Sales in July 2023, a perfect fit for our company needs.

Colleen Pearson

Area Manager     

Colleen joined Staff Zone in the spring of 2023 as an Area Manager for upcoming locations, as we grow.  Colleen brings vast operations knowledge, as she previously was the Director of Operations for Atlanta Ice House and worked in the community with the YMCA for many years as their Youth Development Director as well as their Wellness Director.

Ricky Powell

Area Manager

Ricky came on board Staff Zone in 2016 as the Branch Manager of our Augusta location.  Years in the industry has given Ricky the skills necessary to inspire, manage and lead.  In January 2022, Ricky took his skills to the next level as an Area Manager.

Sherry Powell

General Manager of Service

Sherry joined the Staff Zone family in 2020 after a long and very successful career in the industrial staffing sector. With her decades of experience in blue-collar operations and sales, she will be concentrating her focus on servicing our valued clients nationwide, leading and mentoring our growing team of Field Service Managers.

Billy Roberson

General Manager / Compliance

Billy began in the staffing industry in 2000 as our Branch Manager in Savannah, Georgia. Under Billy’s leadership, the Savannah market was the company’s “flagship” location for an entire decade. Billy was promoted to General Manager in 2011. With over 20 years of Staff Zone service, Billy is now responsible for the total operations and sales for his entire market, consisting of branches in  Savannah, GA and Columbia, SC, as well as companywide contract and COI compliance.

Eric Schwartz

Director of Safety

Eric joined Staff Zone as our Fleet Manager in 2020, after many years of management  experience  in his previous career with the Atlanta Police Department, where as a Lieutenant, he oversaw  the Atlanta Police Training Academy. This experience served him well strategically managing our team of over 100 drivers and vehicle fleet, consisting of 120+ passenger vans, and 55+ company jeeps and trucks. Focusing and consistently managing the safety risk in this department put Eric in the perfect position to pivot to our Director of Safety in January, 2022.  In this position, Eric collaborates with our Director of Risk Management and oversees the Fleet Manager and General Managers of Safety to ensure best safety practices continue within our company.

Shane Simpson

General Manager of Safety

Shane has been with Staff Zone since 2012, as our Branch Manager in Brunswick, GA.  After a decade of branch experience, he was moved over to our safety department.  This new position is the perfect opportunity for him to bring his skills and knowledge of Staff Zone SOP out into many branch locations.  Ten years of experience of our amazing Safety Program will serve him well in in new position while he aids in the safety culture of this company.

Amber Stith

Area Manager

Amber joined Staff Zone in the fall of 2020 as our Branch Manager in Richmond, Virginia.  Under her leadership, with her skills, vast knowledge of our SOP, and teamwork abilities helped grow the market to record heights.  Amber was promoted to Area Manager in July, 2022 and is now involved in helping to lead two critical company regions, Virginia and Tennessee.

Emma Teeples

Area Manager

In 2017, fresh from college graduation, Emma joined our Staff Zone team as a Sales Manager in Denver.  Through the years, Emma helped her Denver team consistently increase the number of employees impacted through our Constructing Lives™ mission.  In the spring of 2022, she was promoted to Area Manager, leading teams in her home market of Denver, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Teresa Taylor

Marketing Manager

Teresa Taylor joined Staff Zone in 2019 as an Outside Sales Manager in the Atlanta market. With her diverse background and some exciting changes in her family life, she took over the position of  Marketing.  Her position as Marketing Manager has allowed her to continue to reinforce Staff Zone’s branding through a strong social media presence, and through digital and print marketing.  She enjoys creating and executing initiatives that showcase the strength of Staff Zone’s culture and the importance of its mission, to Construct Lives.

Jeff Thomas

Director of Property Management

With four decades of experience as a General Contractor, Jeff brings a vast amount of knowledge and hands on experience to his new position with Staff Zone. Jeff joined Staff Zone in 2020, with responsibilities including management of all property that is owned and/or occupied by Staff Zone, including maintenance, renovation, new construction and lease management.

Betsy Zimmerman

General Manager of Sales

Betsy brought her vast sales experience to Staff Zone in early 2022.  With her knack for relationship building and a desire to help construct lives, she was a great fit for our Staff Zone family.  Betsy is responsible for assisting with the training and development of our sales programs.

Our Support Team